I enjoy designing individual commissions and like to ensure that the process is always enjoyable, interesting and fun for everyone involved.

If we have already met either here at the workshop or at a show you will know that I have many years of experience working with precious metals and stones.

If, however we haven’t been introduced then a telephone conversation to discuss your initial ideas about your commission may help. So, why not phone and have a chat? It doesn’t matter how early on in your deliberations you are, whether you’ve just had the idea, whether this is something that has been in the planning for a long time or indeed if it’s a decision that is way overdue. Without any obligation whatsoever, I can help iron out any preliminary queries you may have and then you’re completely free to decide on the next step.


A commission can be something as simple as altering the type of stone in one of my existing ring designs or something as complex as designing an entire silver dinner service to suit your home. You can either have a very strong vision of what you’d like or, simply, the idea that you’d enjoy a diamond bracelet.

Once we’ve spoken about the initial idea the process usually works like this:

Step 1.
We’ll either talk via phone or email about your idea or needs and we can arrange a time for you to visit the workshop.  Before this meeting (or conversation) it is helpful for us both if you have some idea of your budget, a delivery date and any other pertinent points that I’ll need to take into consideration.
If visiting the workshop is inconvenient, then, when I’ve got all the information I need, I can produce sketches (as in Step 4) and send them to you for discussion or approval, after which Step 5 comes into action.

Step 2.
If you have decided that a meeting would be best, then this meeting is where we’ll put our heads together and take as long as necessary to get to the exact nature of your idea and style. At this stage, I may show you images of previous commissions, examples of different coloured precious metals or a variety of stones to get an idea of your preferences and then I’ll probably get out my sketch pad and make some quick sketches, or occasionally, final drawings.

Step 3.
With regard to pieces involving gem stones; it is my usual practice to show you a choice of stones. This can be at a second meeting or, with forward planning at the initial meeting. I have a selection of coloured stones at the workshop and can order specific things in for your visit – like diamonds in certain cuts/weights. It is important to remember though that my stone dealers only usually allow me to borrow items for up to a week.

Step 4.
Following this meeting I’ll draw up a more formal design and fully price the commission based on stones that you selected or other factors that we’ve agreed on. Hopefully I will have designed your heart’s desire, but if not, don’t worry, I’ll keep working at it until you’re happy and if necessary we can get together again to talk it over once more.

Step 5.
When all is agreed and you’re entirely happy with the designs and price, I will request a 30% deposit which formalises the agreement. The balance becomes due when the piece is complete and ready for you to either collect or to be sent to you in the post.

Depending upon your requirements I can also provide a detailed insurance valuation and source certified diamonds.

The time a commission takes varies, depending upon its complexity but it will always be sent to you in time for the date agreed.