DISC I: equilibrium

DISC I: equilibrium

A sculptural piece from the studio DISC Series that resulted from a fascinating collaboration with research mathematician Frank Rhodes, exploring  2D geometry in the 3D world. See the story here: https://martynpugh.co.uk/news-and-events/

It’s a group of objects whose forms all begin as a single flat disk of silver with identical dimensions.

I chose to make the collection using satisfyingly thick silver that has been given a variety of finishes to emphasise the different elements of the forms. A layer of clear, archive quality lacquer obviates cleaning, making the daily display of the objects totally practical.

I have indulged my inner engineer by the positioning and proportions of the components of each piece to conform to a common Rule - they are carefully calibrated to use only measurements that are whole fractions of 360°. This imbues each piece with a natural, harmonic balance.

This piece shows its origins clearly - it’s possible to visualise the flat sheet of metal from which it emerged. Here, as with the whole collection, accurate measurements were key. A wedge was removed from the circle which was then formed and polished to produce the body of the piece.

The segment that was sawn away balances the object, leaning at an angle of 30° from the horizontal that matches that of the cone profile. It penetrates the cone at exactly 1/3rd of the distance from the top edge to the cone’s point, this alignment makes the protruding internal segment a satisfying equilateral triangle.

Dimensions: 210cms wide  x 17cms high


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