Diamond Rings

Asymmetric Diamond Ring

The diamond solitaire ring is a classic choice for an engagement ring and my designs range from minimal, flush set rings to high, dramatic pieces to showcase your personality and fit your lifestyle.

The Eros and Curve rings are the epitome of sculptural, modern design with slender knife edged bands that curve around your finger and hold the focal point of the ring – the diamond.

Inspired by heavenly phenomena the Shooting Star Ring incorporates a glittering trail of diamonds within its flowing, close fitting form. Like the Radiant Ring it can be worn with the specially designed matching wedding band in either a plain or sapphire striped form.

The ART V rings are gracefully understated with the diamond is the focal point of the band. As a finishing touch, below the diamond a polished, V shaped cut is incised into the matt surface of the ring.

My Asymmetric Rings go to greater extremes. Here the diamonds are collet set into high gold, platinum or palladium settings embedded into the band. Using two colours of precious metal in each ring provides a contemporary contrast and allows you to mix and match the colours with your wedding ring and the rest of your jewellery collection.

If you’re inspired by what you see but would prefer something different get in touch to discuss a commission.




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