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Palladium and Red Gold Wedding Rings

Often overlooked in favour of the showier engagement rings the humble wedding band is a simple piece of jewellery which carries significant meaning for the wearer. While the traditional half round band is still a regular request from clients it is possible to inject a little more personality into your wedding ring. Here are a few examples from recent years

Blending metal colours is a wonderful way to make your ring individual without adding to its size of profile. This ring is made in 18ct red gold and palladium, a combination which is at once warm and contemporary.Adding a second, inlaid material to your ring can provide an interesting colour contrast, beyond that given by mixing precious metals. This riveted wedding band is made from palladium and rosewood, a bold, durable piece with a little nod to the heritage of engineering and carpentry.

Subtly altering the profile of a ring is something that I’m very fond of and many of my rings feature knife edged sections, adding lightness and interest to them. This Ridge Ring is a wide, hard wearing gents wedding band but the sculptural edge that runs around it gives it a little something extra.

Adding stones  to a wedding band is, perhaps, a little unexpected but gives it more impact. Add a single stone to your ring or space diamonds evenly around it. The ladies ring from this pair features a whole line of channel-set diamonds, running around the ring between the red gold and palladium sections:. Of course, it’s possible to utilise gemstones in a more subtle manner, these tiny birthstones (a garnet and an emerald) are set inside the ring, invisible to everyone but the couple wearing them:

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