‘Incline 1’ Sculptural Silver Wine Jug

Incline Jug by Martyn Pugh Modern Silver and Brass Wine Jug

My new ‘Incline 1’ jug, which premiered as part of the Contemporary British Silversmiths Silver Speaks exhibition is a functional table sculpture with a dynamically dangerous inclination which pushes the boundaries of visual stability.

A development of the ‘infinite line’ theme of my ARC series ‘Incline 1’ challenges balance and blends metals together.

Made in sterling silver and patinated brass the dramatic contrast of light and dark as the body pierces the handle is echoed by the dark line of the spine of the vessel. The white silk finish of the jug is finger print resistant and easy to care for, as is the hand coloured brass handle.

Strong and ergonomically designed the handle provides a comfortable grip, the wide foot giving the vessel stability. With a capacity of 325cl the jug will delicately serve a bottle of fine desert wine.

The Incline jug is made entirely by hand, largely without the use of hammers. The teardrop section of the body was hand formed around a conical steel mandrel, gently eased into shape and finessed by the application of hand pressure alone. The brass handle, with a hand sawn hole to fit the body of the jug was also curved by hand and fitted to the jug, before being riveted into place.

The pouring lip of the silver jug is the only hammered part of the vessel, shaped over a wooden former with a nylon mallet. This gentle precision allowed for the creation of a delicate pouring lip that did not distort the body of the vessel. Gradually working without metal hammers allowed me to sculpt the Jug’s form gently, producing a tactile and dramatic statement piece for the table.

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  1. Posted by Robert Nelson on

    It does look very beautiful. But I am not sure that the small size will make it that attractive to use. Will there be a 750 cl. version in due course?

  2. Posted by Martyn Pugh on

    Yes, I’ve always favoured the least use of hammering possible, and I specifically designed ‘Incline’ to be made using this gentle, stress-less method of forming the metal.

    This is the first of a new series and different sizes can easily made to order.

  3. Posted by Paul Renken on

    Martyn, Without hammering? Nice. Different size jugs too for the series?

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