‘Guardian Timepiece’ Making a Clock – Part Five

Last summer nearly 6 weeks passed between the construction and hanging of the Guardian and its official unveiling. In that time I returned to the workshop before driving around Europe for 3 weeks with friends. It was the perfect break, with food, conversation and a total change of scene.

The contrast made returning to the Assay Office all the more remarkable, with the distance from the project allowing the Guardian to strike me afresh still successfully indicating the correct time!


In July 2018 Birmingham Assay Office formally celebrated the arrival of The Guardian on the 245th anniversary of the first meeting of the Wardens. The makers, Wardens, and Guardians gathered for a presentation of the story of the Guardian before joining the staff and pensioners of the Office, together with, surprisingly, Matthew Boulton, in a celebration below the clock.

You can view the complete story of the making, installation and inauguration of the Guardian here:

Thank you to the Assay Office and all involved in the Guardian’s design and making … a historic combination of Birmingham’s  scientific, engineering and creative skills.

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