Palladium Masters Badge, Birmingham Assay Office

Palladium Masters Badge, Birmingham Assay Office

Constructed in Palladium, the Badge uses the pure and timeless form of the circle to combine in two layers, the atomic structure of Palladium; the testing techniques used to determine its’ purity and the Birmingham Assay symbol of the Anchor. Thus it represents the core activities of this 21st century Assay Office.

The two layers of the Badge are designed to produce an unusual dynamic 3D effect with a central focal point of the Anchor, being the recognisable symbol of the Birmingham Assay Office.

The polished border of the Badge is laser-marked with a spread, five-point Palladium hallmark. The plain back of the Badge carries the hand-engraved inscription -Commissioned by the Wardens. The first Palladium article to be hallmarked at The Birmingham Assay Office.  23 July 2009.

Materials: Palladium, enamel, titannium


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