Sun Gold Claret Jug

Sun Gold Claret Jug

This micro-alloyed pure gold and titanium Claret Jug was 10 years in the making. It is the largest piece ever to be constructed using this alloy and results from a client's request for a 24ct gold Jug.

As 24ct gold is too soft for a Jug that will be used, I conducted research into how to fulfil the clients request and found this rare titanium and pure gold alloy. This gold can be hardened after working it in the soft condition and, after much experimentation, I succeeded in combining traditional and cutting-edge techniques, such as laser welding, to produce its seamless polished form.

This unique and ground-breaking Jug has since been the subject of presentations at several international conferences including the respected Santa Fe Jewellery Metallurgical Symposium, as well as being shown at the remarkable international exhibition 'Gold, Power & Allure' at Goldsmiths Hall, London.

Weight: 2.8 kilos
Height: 36cm (14.1/2")


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