Tropical Sunset Ring

Tropical Sunset Ring

An extravagant Tropical Sunset Ring which tells a story that begins with a fairy-tale princess and ends in a sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Created over two years, the client wished for a ring that would inspire the imagination and carry her away to far-off realms.

Worn overlapping two fingers, with hidden family diamonds inside, the ring was mysteriously constructed in 18ct Yellow Gold & Palladium using a combination of traditional hand techniques, 3D printing, laser welding and micro-setting.

Edged by diamonds, the Lilac Spinel, Pink Kunzite, and Aquamarine are suspended above a tropical sunset fan radiating out from the central dark Madagascan Citrines through rows of golden Citrines, yellow Sapphires, pale and hot-pink Sapphires, dark and pale Aquamarines to the outer rim of purple Sapphires.


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