ARC 3,Tall Jug

ARC 3,Tall Jug

Simplicity itself, this Jug in the ARC series strips the concept back to a delicate, tapering form with a finger-print resistant finish that doesn't require a handle. Graceful and subtle, this taller version is perfect for wine, water or juice whilst the smaller one makes an ideal milk or cream jug.

To achieve a perfect unbroken smooth surface, I have used the exciting new technique of fusing when forming the silver body.

The ARC 3 Jug has a soft, matt sheen the Jug is finished with a white, finger-print resistant, silk finish which wears well and can simply be washed to keep it clean.

Tall Jug: 1 litre, 36cm high
Small Jug: 0.3 litre, 20cm high


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