Raise a Toast – Festive Silverware

This time of year we’re all toasting the season and what better way to stave off those winter chills than with a little tipple in a silver vessel?  Warm whisky tones contrast beautifully with silver in a tot and champagne sparkles in silver and crystal.

Silver drinking vessels have long been a part of celebratory culture, with examples dating back to the Roman times and beyond. In England silver was general reserved for the elite or ecclesiastical uses but has now become to be more widespread in homes around the UK.  Whether paired with glass or used alone the satisfying, tactile weight of silver adds to the drinking experience and is a pleasure to hold in your hand.

These ARC tots are a perfect example of this, produced using a heavy gauge of silver they are a delightful weight in your palm, individually made and textured with a matt finish. The final tots are heated to produce a beautiful white silk exterior that resists finger-prints,  wears well and can simply be washed to keep it clean.

The polished, deeply dimpled interior produces wonderful reflections through your chosen beverage – perhaps a fine malt.

A more delicate use of silver is seen in these graceful champagne flutes and cocktail glasses, with crystal bowls invisibly mounted by hand onto fluted stems.

Each glass is balanced individually, to ensure that it fits correctly to its stem and levelled accurately using the turntable on my pillar drill. This care and attention to detail allows me to produce well matched set s of glasses to add style to any occasion.

However you choose to celebrate the festive season this year (be it with whiskey or wine!) I wish you a safe, peaceful and fun break, surrounded by those that you love,

Bottoms Up!


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