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Having exhibited at Goldsmiths’ Fair for 35 years since its inception, it was time to move on and exhibit at different venues to allow young new makers the opportunity to display their wares at the Fair. The following story was from one of the latter years of my participation.


The summer at the workshop has passed by in a flurry of activity, making new commissions and reworking inherited family jewellery into new treasures. I am especially fond of a large, hammered silver jug which was made to celebrate the wedding of a clients child thus passing on her passion for collecting silverware to the next generation.

In the spirit of ensuring the survival of a collection I have also undertaken the re-modelling of several pieces of inherited family jewellery making, amongst other items, a dazzling new pendant. Scattering small diamonds, garnered from an antique brooch, across an 18ct yellow gold disc, laid out as stars in the firmament, ensured that sentimental stones could once again be worn and enjoyed. The new pendant is suspended by a delicate gold cable or, using it’s hinged catch it can also be fitted onto pearls.

I’m currently working on a Cuff, a labour of love, modelled from inherited jewellery (see the full story here)

 At it’s centre is a restored 9ct yellow gold bangle, given by the client’s father to her mother on their 50th Wedding Anniversary surrounded by hammered 18ct yellow gold and the deeper coloured edge wire of 22ct gold, recycled from several family wedding rings. I will next be making the settings for unevenly sized and mixed cut diamonds from many family rings to form a smooth, curving line over the whole length of the Cuff to add a bright sparkle to the whole wrist.

I hope to have the Cuff on the stand at the Fair.



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