Gold ‘Fibonacci Familia’ Cube

Gold ‘Fibonacci Familia’ Cube

The  ‘Fibonacci Familia’ Cube was created in 18ct gold as a very special 50th anniversary golden wedding gift – an interesting challenge in designing and making a perfectly proportioned mysterious objet d’art.

The design reflects the importance of close family ties to the recipients, the Cube secretly dividing into two keyed halves to reveal the two sons’ family names separately on each, with the parents’ names on both.

Built using the cutting edge technology of Laser Sintering, the Cube is incised with arcane Fibonacci lines into the cube faces beneath the raised letter ‘L’, which is significant as it is both the first letter of the recipients’ name and the Roman numeral for 50.

The Cube rests in the heart of a Damsonwood case (from the client’s tree) with a a hidden opening mechanism and secret internal silver inscription, ‘Familia Supra Omnia’.

Size: 37mm square


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